Monday, November 22, 2004

Just another Monday!

Tis morning met my bro to return back the rented car here in Ubi Industrial Park.. After sending back the car, we took a cab back to my place... Now we feel so handicap w/o the car.. haha... Tu ah dah seminggu lebih berkurita, sekarang back to normal lah nampak nya.. ;)
My bro went back with his motorbike which he parked at my place since yesterday while I went over to GValue to do some groceries shopping...

Reached home, I started to prepare today's menu.. It's been such a long time since I cooked! I whipped out fried macaroni for my lunch and at the same time cooked Ayam Sambal & Telor Dadar Udang & Daging Cincang... SIL came by for awhile and brought Asam Pedas Daun Kesum & Bubur Masjid... After finished cooking, lazed around with SIL & her doter... They went back MIL's place at around 5pm... Chatted with the gurlz for awhile before hubbie came home...
Layed out dinner for hubbie...

At 8.45pm, went over to Har Yassin Rest at Geylang to meet my dad as I need his signature on the waive of education scheme repayment thru CPF for my poly days... Lucky tat tis year my dad has reached his CPF age so I dunt have to pay back the education repayment since I'm unemployed now! :) Sat down at Har Yassin for cup of tea before we went back.. Dad bought for me murtabak..

Reached home at 9.20pm... Hanged the washed clothes outside the corridor, ironed hubbie;s clothes & fold the dried clothes... Now feeling so tired liao!!

Gotta go now...Wanna continue watching the American Next Top Model... Byee all!!

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