Sunday, November 21, 2004

IKEA Shopping..

I purposedly set my hp alarm so tat I can wake up to catch SPS.. They interviewed Taufik & Sly.. Then at 12.30pm, we went over Bedok Home..Ate Kacang Pool for bfast cum lunch den after Zohor prayer, me, hubbie, mum, dad & sis went IKEA... As dad wanted to get a smaller rack to put the home theatre set, we set for IKEA...

Reached IKEA & the place was packed with ppl... I did some shopping too but on my dad's account..hehe.. We only left IKEA at around 4.45pm... Went over to Bukit Merah hawker ctr to eat... Reached Bedok home at 5.40pm... Rest for awhile before we made our moce back home...

After magrib prayer, we set off to 2 hses at Bedok Reservoir View for jalan raya.. Fetched PIL and met SIL & family at one of the hse... Settled everything by 10pm... My bro came over to picked up the car key as he will be sending back the rented car as hubbie gotta werk tomoro.. There goes a week plus with the rented car... :(

Okay, it's bedtime...Have a great week ahead guys!! Byeee!!

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