Saturday, September 05, 2009

Lil Bebe is a ....

This morning we went for my monthly check up.. Of cos we were feeling excited to see our Lil Bebe.. Hubby was so excited to know the gender.. Knowing that we will only know the gender when I'm in my 20 weeks which is only next mth, I did not pin any hope today...

When I entered Dr Aziz's room, as usual with his friendly greetings.. He told us that if we're lucky we can know the gender today provided Lil Bebe open it's leg! Upon hearing that the more excited we got.. haha..

He did a scan on Lil Bebe's head, body and heartbeat.. Alhamdulillah Lil Bebe is growing well.. This time round Lil Bebe was not so active during scan.. I guess Lil Bebe knows that Mama is fasting and Lil Bebe is fasting too.. :) Then when it's the time to scan the gender, Lil Bebe was opening it's leg so widely.. and suddenly a clear vision of the genital was shown.. Dr Aziz smiled and he did not reveal it but instead asked me to guess.. And yes, I guess it correctly!! haha... So my instinct is CORRECT! Hub too thought the same way!

Allah knows how happy I was.. Dr Aziz told us that he's happy for both of us..

Thank you Allah for the precious gift...

Most of you have guess it correctly.. and yes, it's a BOY! Alhamdulillah!

Baby's development
Baby's gender - see the protuding thingy? :)