Monday, February 28, 2005

Thanks all!

Thanks for the well wishes for my Lil Princess... I went over to KKH just now as the doctor wanted to take my blood sample... So my bro fetched me and we went off by cab... Reached there, saw mayang too...Her baby has to come back and kena warded again after they went check up tis morning.. So our poor babies will be in the same room and undergo the treatment...

Hubbie went to see her again with my dad just now... Was told by hubbie tat she's been sleeping thruout after her milk... Hopefully she wont be crying and crying like wat I see other babies are doing.. cos it really breaks my heart to see your baby crying loudly in the incubator...

Too bad I can't go to see her again... And will be praying tat she will be back soon... I missed her so much!! It's so different when she's not at home.... :(

My Poor Princess!

Just to update you guys tat my Baby Alisha has to be warded at KKH due to jaundice... She went to polyclinic with my mum & my MIL and was refered to KKH... Now both of my mums and hubbie are there to see to her registration... and I'm alone now!! I just feel so sad... :(

According to my mum, she has to stay at KKH around 2 or 3 days... *sob*sob* I miss my Alisha!!! I just hope tat within these 2 or 3 days, her jaundice will go away!

Ya Allah, sembuhkanlah anak ku segera...Amin...

Saturday, February 26, 2005

I'm a Proud Mummy of Lil' Princess Alisha Ameera!

Helo! Helo!

I'm back!! Yesh! I'm finally back from hospital yesterday afternoon! Was admitted on 23rd Feb 2005 and was discharged on 25th Feb 2005.. Alhamdulillah, I managed to go thru the birth ordeal smoothly.. It's a normal delivery! Syukur Alhamdulillah! LiL' Alisha Ameera out to see the world on 24th Feb 2005 at 1.37am...

Will story you more on the birth experience soon!! For those who are curious on what is the meaning of Alisha Ameera.. here it comes..

Alisha - Honest & Truthful & Protected by Allah
Ameera - Noble Lady Princess

To all of you guys out there, thanks for the wishes thru th etagboard, comment board, forum & sms... Truly appreciate the well wishes, doas & congrats!! Alhamdulillah both me & my little princess are fine and I'm recuperating now... Kene pantang beb!!!

Kay lah will be back soon!!!! Thanks again all!

Visit my fotopages for more pics...

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Contraction is here!

Now I'm in pain! The contraction seems to attack me a few times..But it's not tat painful compared as wat ppl said... I tink it's a mild contraction... Rasa nak berak pon ada, menses cramp pon ada... aisey!!! Once I timed is about 10 mins apart.... Arghhh! It coming now!!

Now hubbie is on the way back...

Frens, pray for me... Will update u guys!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

9 months & 1 week!

Happy 37th weeks to me!! hahaha... I'm waiting anxiously for my baby to pop out..Really!! Now I'm not afraid or scared thinking abt labour pain! All I wanted is to get my baby to pop out healthily...Both me & hubbie are all excited and geared up to become Mummy & Daddy!

Tis morning hubbie smsed me saying tat he had tummy pain & backache.. It's not the usual tummy pain and asked me "You dah nak terberanak ker?" aik??? Takkan lah my hubbie yg contraction...hahaha... heran kan??? I dunt feel any pain yet lah except for the heavy tummy tat I have to carry around..

I had my urut session just now... Now I'm feeling soo relax and soo ringan (except my tummy ah).. The makcik told me tat my baby betul2 dah menurun, I can feel the head when she press on it... And the position of my baby, Alhamdulillah, its good...Just waiting for time to pop out... and she did mention tat from the way the baby position is and myself, I will have an easy labour... Insya Allah dan kita hanya mampu berdoa kepada NYA...

Anyway I got everything ready, only waiting for time to go to spital... Even our lil' gurl's name we have gotten ready.. But it will only be revealed once baby is out!! *wink*

Now I tink I must walk more and more everyday so tat by Sat when my gynae check my cervix, it can be opened!! haha.. Takde sabar nya org!! ;p

Kay lah tat's my update today!!!! *excited*

Monday, February 21, 2005

So Bored!

I was feeling so bored the whole day! I dunno why??? As usual will be logging in to my PC and do my daily stuffs... At around 12.30pm, met MIL downstairs as she passed me Satay tat FIL bought at Haig Rd... Tat will be my lunch! Yummie!!

My back really ache so much! Told my MIL and she said tat's one of the sign of labour oso... I took a rest a few times on the bed but when it comes to the turning part, ouch! Really hard for me to turn my whole body to the left or right.. I talked to my baby to come out early so tat both Mama & Abah can see her soon!!!

Oops..tomoro gonna be my 37th weeks!! And I'll be having an urut session with my mum's fren... Mum gonna come over too!

Congrats to mayang on the arrival of her first bundle of joy yesterday! Meaning mine will be soon cos she & I are 6 days apart.. But it depends anyway! I'm all excited actually rather than being scared!! I just wanna oversome the labour soon so tat I can see my bundle of joy too!! hehe...

Okay stop here for now...Gonna put in our Digi Cam inside my E-Bag before I forget..ehehe.. Hmmm...What else whud I put in??!!

Bye Bye!!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Oh my Leg!!

My leg and feet already started to swell.. Dah tak mcm kaki dah!! Dah cam kaki gajah! hehe.. Water Retention is here!!! But luckily I kena after my 9 mths so not so bad lah! hehe.. But still can walk ah!! In the midst of early morning, I kene tis Braxton Hicks...A false contraction liao! My tummy is stretching real hard...I tot I wanna gave birth oredy so when I observed, it's only come once den it goes off... But now every nite and early morning I frequent to the bathroom to wee wee...

I pity my Lil' Gurl inside cos she has no space to "roam" about in my tummy... Nowadays she's not tat active cos of the space constraint..Sabar ye baby!! But the bulging is still going around in my tummy.. hehe... Sarat sungguh ku tgk peyut ku yg memboyot ni!! iskkk...

Gonna stop here for today... Wanna go to MIL's house for lunch..Lapar beb!! See ya!!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Kiddos Place!

Was awake at 11.30am in the morning as I tink I'm feeling sooo tired! Hey! I need the rest okay before my baby is born!! hehe.. As usual had 3 Kurma Ajwa & Air Zam Zam plus 2 polar cakes bought the nite b4... Fried hubbie some nuggets & fried for his bfast... Then sat in front of my PC... Yay! Now my partner in crime is back online! Her PC is back from "operation"..hahaha

Hanged the washed laundry and folded the dried ones... Suddenly my back started to ache.. Aiseyy!!! Get hubbie to rub oitment and massage it.. Then I fell asleep at around 2pm... Woke up to realise tat it's nearly 5pm.. Wow! I managed to sleep for few hrs... Yesh! I need those sleep to energise myself!!!

Was told by hubbie tat Abg Wan gonna picked us up... Since me & Kak Nor wanted to get things from Kiddy Palace so he gonna drive up to Toa Payoh outlet! Yeah! Gotta go and get some stuff from the bigger outlet! So excited one!!

I bought Anakku Microwave Bottles Sterilizer, Newborn Pampers, more baby towels & a white bottom... After tat went over to Popular as Kak Nor wanted to get her children some stationery and assesment books... I grabbed 4 Baby Looney Toones Writing Pad jus bcos it's soooo cute! I like those cute2 things lah so can't be helped! hehe

The stuff from kiddy palace & my cutie writing pads from Popular!!

Hubbie became babysitter while their parents went shopping at Popular!! ;)

Went out from Toa Payoh hub around 9 plus and we went straight to Tanjong Pagar Railway Stn again.. This time we really wanted to eat the chapati since yesterday it was sold out when we wanted to eat... But it so disappointed when we reached there, the chapati was sold out again!! we ordered other food.. Hubbie & Abg Wan had their Strawberry Sheesha tis time instead of the peach flavor last nite...

Hubbie with the sheesha..

Went back early today as the children all sooo sleepy oredy... Bukan budak2 jer ngantuk, mak budak semua ngantuk! hahaha

Okay gonna sleep now! Hopefully I can sleep well tonite!! Adious!

Friday, February 18, 2005

It's Friday!!

Woke up at 10am today, feeling a bit fresh as I took a tablet of sleeping pill the nite b4.. I knew tat if I didn't take the pill, for sure I will be awake till 4am... But too bad tat was the last pill.. Tot of asking my gynae for more of it but I tink better not as it won't be long before I will give birth.. SOooooooo tahannnnn lah nampak nya!!

Was toggling between the chatroom, pkh forum & bloghopping the whole day... MIL gave ayam sambal & sayur goreng.. Had lunch at around 3 plus in the afternoon as I had 3 piece of Kurma Ajwad & Air Zam Zam plus kerepek Ubi and baulu for bfast... Oh ya! Did I tell u guys tat I'm craving for Kurma Ajwad since Oct??? hahaha..Luckily I told my aunty of my craving and happened tat her MIL went to Mecca and brought back the kurma... So I got hold of the kurma & Air Zam Zam...

I took a nap at around 4 plus till 7! I tink I'm too tired & my stomach so tite!! After washing up and did my prayer, I got ready as hubbie told me tat Kak Nor & Abg Wan wanted to have dinner at Railway Stn... Before they picked us up, we managed to watch APM for awhile... Then in the car, we continued to listen to the live telecast from RIA.. And we were so lucky tat at the Railway Stn foodcourt, there is a TV which aired the APM... So me & Kak Nor sat inside watching the APM while hubbie & Abg Wan sat outside drinking their tea and smoking the sheesha... We watched the APM till finished...Kalau tak kempunan beta...hehehe...

After tat we went to McDonald East Coast again as hubbie & Abg Wan wanted to connect their laptop with the free McD WiFi... And here I am updating my blog...hehe..

Kay stop here lah...actually mata dah ngantuk but when reached home, confirm tak leh sleep nya..iskk... And guess wat, Kak Nor is currently sleeping in the car...hahaha...Kesian dia ngantuk....

Have a great weekend guys!! I'm actually counting days lah....Tick tock tick tock!! hehe.. Papai!!! backdate tis entry cos it's past midnite ;)

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Go Jalan-Jalan..

Today she took half day just to escort me to meet our old fren.. Since now nobody allowed me to go out alone, so she soooo kind to take half day & fetch me from home... Tenkiu my partner in crime!! ;) She reached my hse around 12.30pm... We ate OCK which she had bought for "alas perut".. hehe

Initially we supposed to meet Shimah at Bedok Reservoir McDonald but bcos of raining, she told us to meet her at Tampines instead... Good idea cos I need to go Kiddy Palace to buy some last min things.... At 2 plus me & kissy went out and took MRT to Tampines.. First stop at Fox Kids... We bought a top & a pants for Shimah's baby gerl as we have yet to give her baby any present yet... I'm si the in lurve with the gurl's tops and pants there... Nevermind wait for my gurl to grow a bit bigger then I shall buy her those cute2 tops...heheheh... Then went over to Cetury Sq's Kiddy Palace.. Bought the things tat I wanted and we go jalan2 at Metro...

Met Shimah at LJS as boht me & kissy wanted to eat our lunch there... Shimah broght her cute baby gurl, Nur Aqilah.... She sooo kwai one!!! never hear her cry one... Had our lunch while we talk & talk as we had not meet Shimah for such a long time...

Chit chatted till 5.45pm den we went off... Shimah & her gurl need to go to her hubby's office at Raffles Place where me & kissy took cab back to my house...Upon reaching my doorstep, saw both my PIL, knocking & ringing the bell of our house..hehe.. They just drop by to see me but luckily I got back in time.. Kalau tak, kesian mak mertua ku dgn sakit kaki jalan ke rumah yg takde org..hehe... Not long after hubbie came home and my dad pop up for awhile... Make for them Teh O but too bad no food! hehe... Teh O with krepek pisang which my dad bought for me from Batam since I was craving the kerepek pisang from there....hahaha..

They went back after magrib... At 8pm, me, hubbie & kissy met Kak Nor & Abg Wan... We went over to East Coast McDonald to lepak2...Ate our dinner there till we are full and sleepy...hehe.. Went back after tat....Reached home, after washed up and now getting ready to dreamland... hehhe

Peektures taken today with the cute Nur Aqilah....

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Cud it be next week??????

Just came back from my gynae's clinic... We brought forward my check up to today instead of Saturday..... The reason is tat, hubbie took family care leave..Why??? The whole nite I cudn't sleep and "merengek" like budak kecik... So hubbie cudn't get enuff sleep as he gave me full attention and recites Ayatul Kursi few times before I can go to sleep at nearly 4am..

So when I woke him up tis morning, he said tat he's so sleepy and so I told him to take either MC or leave...He then suggested tat I shud bring forward my check up today so tat he can claimed the Family Care Leave... So at 9pm I called the clinic asking tat I will be coming for the check up today...

Reached the clinic at 10am.. After taking urine test, BP & weight, we immediately can see Dr Aziz... There's only 1 patient..Alhamdulillah.... Dr scanned my baby and was told tat she puts on 2.7kg of weight and her head is down there oredy but not fully engaged... And the most surprising thing he said is tat..It might be due next week...WAT????? oops... But the next check up will be on 26th Feb where there will be a Vagina Examination...Ok'ohh!! Cakit kan?????
Anyway everything is fine lah... Just wait for the time to come.... hehe..

So frens out there...Do pray for me and hope I will have a smooth normal delivery Insya Allah....

Kay out now! Bye!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Today FIL bought Nasi Ayam for my lunch & another packet for hubbie... He also made for me Air Selusuh as to standby when the contraction comes... FIL reminded me to put a mark on the bottle as he's afraid tat hubbie accidently drink the water..haha.. Cam dia plak nanti nak bersalin!! kekeke

The marking tat I've made!! ;)

Anyway today I woke up as early as 6 plus in the morning... I really cudn't sleep back after hubbie went to werk..Imagine as early as 6 plus in the morning I folded all the dried clothes and run the washing machine to wash the dirty laundry...Logon to the net as early as 8am..

Hubbie came home around 6.30pm... After magrib, we met Kak Nor & Abg Wan at the carpark as they were around Ubi area... So went for a spin and ended up at Pasir Panjang Rd for our dinner...We were at the famous prata stall.. Ate 2 cheese prate and Maggie Goreng Seafood & 2 Milo Dinosaur.. Nasib baik tak jadi Merlion lagik!! hehehehe... Eat while talk2...

Reached home at around 12.35am.. Had a quick hot shower and lights off!

p/s: Backdate tis entry lah..hehe

Monday, February 14, 2005

"Straight To The Kitchen"

Wellow!! First of all, wishing you guys a Happy Valentine's Day eventho' we as a Muslim are not to celebrate it!! Just a wish only ;)

Went out for dinner at Straits Kitchen with Klopez, Nahar, kissy, hir, Kak Nor & Abg Wan...First time there and we were quite a jakunist actually...hahaha... Did a last min booking as we tot it wud be pack cos it's Valentine's Day but Alhamdulillah we got the reservation.. Nezam joined us after werk...

Tried lotsa food there...Dunno how many rounds we had gone to take the food!! Seems everything nice there but actually didn't get to eat all lah...

The worst part was towards the end where I became a "Mak Buyong Merlion"... A sudden puke came out from my mouth!!!! Abis lah table dan lantai ditempat ku duduk penuh dgn muntah Mak Buyong!! haha... Everyone at the table were quite panicked!! haha... Luckily we got an inner part section of the seats else I tink the "Tragedy" will be seen by the rest... A helpful staff gave me a big crumpled tissue... I know tat I ate a lot and my stomach & baby cudn't take it anymore!! haha..Serve me rite!! Tu lah gelojoh sgt... Dah tu buat muka sardin jer lah...hehe.. Got a cup of warm water to ease me down... Sorry guys for tat unintentionally incident!! *paiseh* But I got reason mah!! hahaha...Pandai jer aku ni!! hehe

Anyway shortly after tat we went out from the Restaurant as the buffet closed at 10.30pm.. Selagi belom abis, agaknya kita tak balik lah nampaknya...hehe..

Sempat posing depan bilik air Hyatt..dah cam tourist plak!

More pics available here!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Weekend over!!

Was lazing around in the morning since there's nothing to do... SIL gave lontong for bfast.. Then hubbie told me tat we might be going out with Klopez & Nahar and asked me to contact the rest.. Ermmm..last min decision dunno if the rest can make it... Called kissy to ask and was told tat she's going to jemputan first and will join after tat... Sms Lenny but too bad she cudn't go as she's busy... Hubbie called hir and he's ok with it...

We decided to meet at Scotts Coffee Bean... Reached there around 4 plus... hir & kissy came later... Around 5 plus, shanah & Madi joined us... We chit chatted while giggling away upon seeing yesterday gathering photos & videos...

Proceed to Far East Plaza for dinner.. Tot Cahaya wud be open but too bad they are closed till tomoro.... Sakura Rest was packed with ppl... So in the end we decided to eat at Magic Wok... It really took us nearly 20mins standing in front of the rest just to wait for available seats... Itu satu hal... We had to wait for quite sometimes for the food & drinks to be served.. Aiseyman... Service sucks!!! First and the last time we gonna go there!!

After dinner, all of us went back home as tomoro is a werking day for those who are werking.. hehe.. Weekend over very the fast hor??!!

Kay lah, gotta stop here... Have a great week ahead of you guys ya!! As for me I'm waiting & waiting for the time to arrive... Gonna be 36th weeks tis Tuesday...Meaning turning 9 mths liao!! Getting excited!!! hehe


Saturday, February 12, 2005

Finale Gathering before BOOM!

Was looking forward for today's gathering as I tink tis might be the "last" gathering before I give birth!! hehe.. Had calling2 kissy in the morning to discuss on the "props" tat we gonna need later.. *winky*

After Zohor prayer, both me & hubbie set off to Bedok first as I need to collect something from my bro den we down to Shenton Way where Holiday Home KTV Karaoke is... We usually had our karaoke there... Klopez & Nahar had reached first...Anyway Klopez had made the booking and I just have to show our VIP card in order to get the 10% discount!! Once we settled down in our VIP Room, kissy, shanah, LeNNy & Apek came... Then followed by Kak Sun & Abg Mie... The last to arrive were Bunnyz & Hirman! Had great fun of singing session with lotsa gimmicks & action going around! hehe.. The best part was to see Kak Sun & Abg Mie duet lagu Sedang Kan Lidah Lagi Tergigit! Fuiyooo!! Dah cam Abg Ramlee & Kak Saloma ah!!! Powerrr!!! hehe...Si Minah Pot Pot, LeNNy, pon apa kurangnya!! Lagu Dangdut beb!! Dgn goyang & senggol2 nya! Isk isk isk!! Bakal suami dia si Apek pon, mak oii!! Makin menjadi!! ekekekeke

Specially for Kak Sun & Abg Mie!! Feeewit!

The best part of the event was the Besday Celebration of the Newly Engaged Couple!! Siapa lagi kalau bukan si Klopez & Nahar!! Their besday dates are only 8 days apart so we decided to hold a couple celebration!! They were sooo shocked when kissy & LeNNy brought the cake in the room with the trolley (courtesy of the KTV) and the KTV Staff aired the Besday Song as well!! Fuiyoooo!! They had candle blowing & cake cutting ceremony... But the best & exciting part has yet to come!! *evil*

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng! Actually we had a so called a forfeit for them to do!! ;)


  • Del Monte Banana
  • Chocolate Sauce
  • Paper Plate

  • We put the banana in a paper plate and splash the banana full with chocolate sauce..
  • Without using their hands on the banana, they have to get the banana into their mouth end to end and eat it till it finishes!
Sound simple isn' it? But they took quite sometimes to do it!! Giggles & lafters surrounded the room...Romantik beb!!!! But we managed to capture some "erotic" moments of them... Oops!! 21 years and above only hor!! hahahaha.. They end the forfeit by getting a sabo from Hirman... Their faces were smudged by the chocolate sauce... hur hur hur! Cian dorang!! hehehe... After they washed up, we presented them with their gift each... A nice couple watch! Hope you & Nahar like it hor!!


Karaoke session ended at 6pm.. Kak Sun & Abg Mie had to make a move... The rest of us decided to have dinner at M.A Deen Biasa @ Beach Rd... hir & Kak Naqimi & family joined us there....After eating all the tulangz, mee hoon goreng, beefsteak, mutton chop, nasi goreng, we went over to Shaw House to lepak... First went over to Starbucks but it was sooo stuffy there and at last we decided to lepak at Burger King.... The guys had their chit chat session one side & we, the ladies had ours at one side...ehehe..

We went off from BK at around 10.30pm....Reached home at 10.50pm just in time for hubbie's Liverpool match bet Birmingham... After washing up, I sat in front of my room TV to watch Mr Cinderella 1 at TV 1...

Gotta go now!! Sleepy liao!!! Enjoy the pics okay!! To view more, pls click here!!