Saturday, February 05, 2005

LiL' Boncit Baby!

Went out to Kembangan Plaza around 8.25am...Reached there at 8.45am..Tot tat we will be Q no. 4 or 5 but amazingly we're the 2nd one to come.. After taking the urine, weight & BP, we went off for our bfast near there.. Had prata & Teh O... Came back to the clinic around 9.15am.. There's a lot of people oredy and heard the Q is already 13th...

Sat down for awhile before Dr Aziz came in.. As the first Q person is nowhere to be found, we get to go in first! yay!! Straight away Dr asked me to lie down to do the scanning... Scan punya scan, gotta know my Lil' Gurl's weight is 2.4kg..Before tat Dr said the weight will be around 2.2kg.. But nahhhh!! She's soo dobok and puts on extra 0.3kg from the previous weight..hehe.. Guess what??? Her Abdomen Circumference is equivalent to 37th weeks measurement...haha.. So besar one!! Confirm boncit ikut Abah dia! :p While baby's weight increases, my weight decreases by 0.8kg..isk isk isk...Seems tat lil' baby has taken her mummy's weight.. ;) Then Dr put the heartbeat device on my tummy to hear her heartbeat... Out of sudden she gave a hard kick and Dr terkujut at the moment and the heartbeat device gave way! hahaha.. Dr said she hates to be disturb as Dr keeps pressing the device on my tummy...hehe.. Cute lah my Lil' Boncit Gurl! hehehe.. Dr said my baby is progressing well.. Alhamdulillah!!! Anyway I told Dr tat I have difficulty in sleeping at nite & always feels restless... He told me tat he will prescibe me with a small dosage of sleeping pills which will makes me calm and makes me sleep... Dr will see me again in 2 weeks time which is in my 36th weeks!! Meaning 9 mths!!! It's coming nearerrrr!!!!!

Left: The Head Circumference Right: The Abdomen Circumference & her heart

After paying the consultation fees and get the necessary medicine, we went back home..
I managed to get an hr sleep as I was really sleepy... Lunch today was Nasi Rawan which mum gave yesterday... Heated up and hubbie fried some chicken wings to add on...

Now I'm gonna rest again!! Anyway I'm feeling soo warm!! On both aircon and fan but still feels so hot..Aisey!! Ini lah dugaan bakal-bakal ibu ya!! isk isk isk... Sabar jer lah!!

Enjoy yur weekend frens!!! Papai!!!

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