Thursday, February 10, 2005

2nd day of Holiday!

Woke up at 10.45am tis morning as got hard time sleeping..I didn't want to take the sleeping pills as the dosage only left for 3 takes.. So I skip yetserday nite... Woke up just in time to watch Gerak Khas The Movie 2... Both me & hubbie made bfast together... As his 2 kiddos niece & nephew slept over, so we decided to make western bfast.. had baked beans, fries, hotdogs & salami eaten wif bread...

For lunch, SIL had told us not to cook as she will be cooking fried rice and some keropok... Watched Anugerah Juara Lagu at 1.30pm till 4.15pm.. Then hubbie cuzzin came with his wife and their mentor discussing further on the "business" tat we decided to join.. Before tat we are not interested but after a few session with hubbie's cuzzin and now with their mentor, we are really2 convince by it...We are excited on this new "business".... Anyway all of them went back at around 6.30pm...

Now I'm looking forward to see the 2nd last episode of My Lucky Charm which I tot they aired it last Tues & yesterday..sekali kene tipu dah!! Tomoro will be the last episode so shall not miss it!!

Stop here for now... Happy werking for those who have to be back in their offices tomoro... 2 days of PH gone so fast ya??! Now just look forward for yur weekend!! Papai!!

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