Friday, February 11, 2005

Hate Tat Biawak!!

This morning I woke up quite late cos the nite before I took the sleeping pills... I managed to sleep well despite the heavy turning rite and left... Anyway after hubbie went to werk, I slept back and suddenly Mr Simpul Biawak visited on my right leg! Uwahh!!! Nobody to help me!! usually hubbie is the one who will attend to me by massaging my leg... I cried to myself cos the pain was so excruciating!!! Hate tis Mr Simpul Biawak!!! *bluwek*

Today I decided to cook Kway Teow Goreng since MIL is out of town... Kalau asyik beli kat luar jer bankrupt beb!!! Since we had bought some groceries at Shing Shiong b4 it closed for CNY, why not I just cook a simple dish.. But tis time, I took my own sweet time preparing the kway teow else if I strained myself, for sure my whole body aches...

Bothe me & hubbie had our dinner at 6.45pm... After my bath & prayers, sat in fron tof the TV and watched the last episode of My Lucky Charm.. And now waiting for Erin Brockovich to start at 11pm...

And yesh!! Weekend is here! Yippie!! Enjoy yur weekend guys!! Papai!!

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