Monday, February 07, 2005

Patimah Ohhh Patimah!!

I just got hold of the Akar Fatimah or Bunga Fatimah or wat it is call lah... My BIL's wife got it from her mum's place.. So I had soaked it with water and waiting for it to MENGEMBANG and then I will know the TIME is coming!! Some people told me to soak it a week before labour (but how would I know when is my labour..hmmm...) My aunty advised me to soak it when earlier as I can drink the water and take some of the water to rub on my tummy... I'm now getting excited to see the Akar Fatimah bloom!!!

The whole day what I did is just to laze around and stuck in front of my PC... Both my PIL had gone back to kampung for a week so there will no "pree" food lah nampaknya..hehe.. oops...bukan mengharap kan..hehe.. But mum had called me earlier telling me tat tomoro she will cook Nasi Lemak and give me some as dad gonna come over to help hubbie to move the baby cot in our room and my PC & TV have to give way to the cot.. Meaning I have to go to the next room to use my PC...

Pity my partner in crime tat she cud not go online as her PC went bonkers and now has to be sent for "surgery"... Aiseyman... I'm gonna miss seeing you online beb!! uwahh!!

Okaylah me better stop here... Now toggling between msning with Klopez, Desperate Housewives & Gila Gila Pengantin... heheeh


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