Tuesday, February 22, 2005

9 months & 1 week!

Happy 37th weeks to me!! hahaha... I'm waiting anxiously for my baby to pop out..Really!! Now I'm not afraid or scared thinking abt labour pain! All I wanted is to get my baby to pop out healthily...Both me & hubbie are all excited and geared up to become Mummy & Daddy!

Tis morning hubbie smsed me saying tat he had tummy pain & backache.. It's not the usual tummy pain and asked me "You dah nak terberanak ker?" aik??? Takkan lah my hubbie yg contraction...hahaha... heran kan??? I dunt feel any pain yet lah except for the heavy tummy tat I have to carry around..

I had my urut session just now... Now I'm feeling soo relax and soo ringan (except my tummy ah).. The makcik told me tat my baby betul2 dah menurun, I can feel the head when she press on it... And the position of my baby, Alhamdulillah, its good...Just waiting for time to pop out... and she did mention tat from the way the baby position is and myself, I will have an easy labour... Insya Allah dan kita hanya mampu berdoa kepada NYA...

Anyway I got everything ready, only waiting for time to go to spital... Even our lil' gurl's name we have gotten ready.. But it will only be revealed once baby is out!! *wink*

Now I tink I must walk more and more everyday so tat by Sat when my gynae check my cervix, it can be opened!! haha.. Takde sabar nya org!! ;p

Kay lah tat's my update today!!!! *excited*

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