Saturday, February 12, 2005

Finale Gathering before BOOM!

Was looking forward for today's gathering as I tink tis might be the "last" gathering before I give birth!! hehe.. Had calling2 kissy in the morning to discuss on the "props" tat we gonna need later.. *winky*

After Zohor prayer, both me & hubbie set off to Bedok first as I need to collect something from my bro den we down to Shenton Way where Holiday Home KTV Karaoke is... We usually had our karaoke there... Klopez & Nahar had reached first...Anyway Klopez had made the booking and I just have to show our VIP card in order to get the 10% discount!! Once we settled down in our VIP Room, kissy, shanah, LeNNy & Apek came... Then followed by Kak Sun & Abg Mie... The last to arrive were Bunnyz & Hirman! Had great fun of singing session with lotsa gimmicks & action going around! hehe.. The best part was to see Kak Sun & Abg Mie duet lagu Sedang Kan Lidah Lagi Tergigit! Fuiyooo!! Dah cam Abg Ramlee & Kak Saloma ah!!! Powerrr!!! hehe...Si Minah Pot Pot, LeNNy, pon apa kurangnya!! Lagu Dangdut beb!! Dgn goyang & senggol2 nya! Isk isk isk!! Bakal suami dia si Apek pon, mak oii!! Makin menjadi!! ekekekeke

Specially for Kak Sun & Abg Mie!! Feeewit!

The best part of the event was the Besday Celebration of the Newly Engaged Couple!! Siapa lagi kalau bukan si Klopez & Nahar!! Their besday dates are only 8 days apart so we decided to hold a couple celebration!! They were sooo shocked when kissy & LeNNy brought the cake in the room with the trolley (courtesy of the KTV) and the KTV Staff aired the Besday Song as well!! Fuiyoooo!! They had candle blowing & cake cutting ceremony... But the best & exciting part has yet to come!! *evil*

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng! Actually we had a so called a forfeit for them to do!! ;)


  • Del Monte Banana
  • Chocolate Sauce
  • Paper Plate

  • We put the banana in a paper plate and splash the banana full with chocolate sauce..
  • Without using their hands on the banana, they have to get the banana into their mouth end to end and eat it till it finishes!
Sound simple isn' it? But they took quite sometimes to do it!! Giggles & lafters surrounded the room...Romantik beb!!!! But we managed to capture some "erotic" moments of them... Oops!! 21 years and above only hor!! hahahaha.. They end the forfeit by getting a sabo from Hirman... Their faces were smudged by the chocolate sauce... hur hur hur! Cian dorang!! hehehe... After they washed up, we presented them with their gift each... A nice couple watch! Hope you & Nahar like it hor!!


Karaoke session ended at 6pm.. Kak Sun & Abg Mie had to make a move... The rest of us decided to have dinner at M.A Deen Biasa @ Beach Rd... hir & Kak Naqimi & family joined us there....After eating all the tulangz, mee hoon goreng, beefsteak, mutton chop, nasi goreng, we went over to Shaw House to lepak... First went over to Starbucks but it was sooo stuffy there and at last we decided to lepak at Burger King.... The guys had their chit chat session one side & we, the ladies had ours at one side...ehehe..

We went off from BK at around 10.30pm....Reached home at 10.50pm just in time for hubbie's Liverpool match bet Birmingham... After washing up, I sat in front of my room TV to watch Mr Cinderella 1 at TV 1...

Gotta go now!! Sleepy liao!!! Enjoy the pics okay!! To view more, pls click here!!

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