Sunday, February 13, 2005

Weekend over!!

Was lazing around in the morning since there's nothing to do... SIL gave lontong for bfast.. Then hubbie told me tat we might be going out with Klopez & Nahar and asked me to contact the rest.. Ermmm..last min decision dunno if the rest can make it... Called kissy to ask and was told tat she's going to jemputan first and will join after tat... Sms Lenny but too bad she cudn't go as she's busy... Hubbie called hir and he's ok with it...

We decided to meet at Scotts Coffee Bean... Reached there around 4 plus... hir & kissy came later... Around 5 plus, shanah & Madi joined us... We chit chatted while giggling away upon seeing yesterday gathering photos & videos...

Proceed to Far East Plaza for dinner.. Tot Cahaya wud be open but too bad they are closed till tomoro.... Sakura Rest was packed with ppl... So in the end we decided to eat at Magic Wok... It really took us nearly 20mins standing in front of the rest just to wait for available seats... Itu satu hal... We had to wait for quite sometimes for the food & drinks to be served.. Aiseyman... Service sucks!!! First and the last time we gonna go there!!

After dinner, all of us went back home as tomoro is a werking day for those who are werking.. hehe.. Weekend over very the fast hor??!!

Kay lah, gotta stop here... Have a great week ahead of you guys ya!! As for me I'm waiting & waiting for the time to arrive... Gonna be 36th weeks tis Tuesday...Meaning turning 9 mths liao!! Getting excited!!! hehe


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