Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Holiday Eve!

Woke up as early as hubbie... After he went to werk, I just cudn't sleep back so I decided to wash the dirty laundry and fold the dried clothes.. Had 3 pieces of bread with butter & a glass of milk for bfast... As usual on my PC to do my usual stuff...

At around 2 plus, dad came over and brought the Nasi Lemak tat mum had cooked.. So today no cooking for me.. Hubbie came home around 3.30pm.. Had lunch with him... Then both hubbie & dad started to shift the baby cot to our room and my PC plus the table to the guest room... And now I'm at the Guest Room using my PC...it's sooo different surfing in an another room instead of my usual room.. But nvm...for my baby's sake...hehe.. Anyway the cot has yet to be "decorated" with the bedding sheets as I guess it's too early.. It will only collect dust!

Oh ya...The Akar Fatimah has bloomed!!!! Was quite shocked to see the small size of the Akar blooming into a bigger size... *gulp* Ermmm..I guess I still have 2 or 3 more weeks to go lah so it will bloomed more bigger in size..hehe... Neway I turned 35th weeks today... Anyway I'm taking it easy... Finally my E-bag has been packed... Now just waiting for time to go..hahaha.. I'm quite excited u know!! Actually I'm not scared of the labour pain but wat I'm scared of is the stitches down there... euwww!! But Insya Allah, I hope I can go thru it w/o any complication.. Do pray for me my frens!!

Blooming Akar Fatimah..

Today my SIL & her 2 children will be sleeping over here as PIL had went back kampung and SIL's hubby had went fishing...

Kay lah gotta go now...Gonna chit chat with SIL... Happy Holiday to you guys!! Enjoy yurselves!! Papai!!!

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