Saturday, February 19, 2005

Kiddos Place!

Was awake at 11.30am in the morning as I tink I'm feeling sooo tired! Hey! I need the rest okay before my baby is born!! hehe.. As usual had 3 Kurma Ajwa & Air Zam Zam plus 2 polar cakes bought the nite b4... Fried hubbie some nuggets & fried for his bfast... Then sat in front of my PC... Yay! Now my partner in crime is back online! Her PC is back from "operation"..hahaha

Hanged the washed laundry and folded the dried ones... Suddenly my back started to ache.. Aiseyy!!! Get hubbie to rub oitment and massage it.. Then I fell asleep at around 2pm... Woke up to realise tat it's nearly 5pm.. Wow! I managed to sleep for few hrs... Yesh! I need those sleep to energise myself!!!

Was told by hubbie tat Abg Wan gonna picked us up... Since me & Kak Nor wanted to get things from Kiddy Palace so he gonna drive up to Toa Payoh outlet! Yeah! Gotta go and get some stuff from the bigger outlet! So excited one!!

I bought Anakku Microwave Bottles Sterilizer, Newborn Pampers, more baby towels & a white bottom... After tat went over to Popular as Kak Nor wanted to get her children some stationery and assesment books... I grabbed 4 Baby Looney Toones Writing Pad jus bcos it's soooo cute! I like those cute2 things lah so can't be helped! hehe

The stuff from kiddy palace & my cutie writing pads from Popular!!

Hubbie became babysitter while their parents went shopping at Popular!! ;)

Went out from Toa Payoh hub around 9 plus and we went straight to Tanjong Pagar Railway Stn again.. This time we really wanted to eat the chapati since yesterday it was sold out when we wanted to eat... But it so disappointed when we reached there, the chapati was sold out again!! we ordered other food.. Hubbie & Abg Wan had their Strawberry Sheesha tis time instead of the peach flavor last nite...

Hubbie with the sheesha..

Went back early today as the children all sooo sleepy oredy... Bukan budak2 jer ngantuk, mak budak semua ngantuk! hahaha

Okay gonna sleep now! Hopefully I can sleep well tonite!! Adious!

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