Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Minyak Cap Kapak!

Ohh I soo can't live w/o tis minyak cap kapak eversince I'm preggy! Every nite or even daytime, I must apply tis minyak cap kapak on my nose... Got really addicted to it lah! At nite before sleep or if I cudn't sleep, minyak cap kapak will be my teman setia...

I realised tat I just run out of tis minyak cap kapak today!!! God!! I must smell the minyak cap kapak tonite else arghhh!! So both me & hubbie went over to 7-11 to buy the minyak cap kapak & also Mango Freeze!

Today I fried some noodles as MIL's sambal goreng nearly finished up... But after the cooking and the chores, my back suddenly aches!! And I'm panting for breath!! I have to get hubbie to do the frying of the breaded chicken wings! I tink I really can't cook anymore.. Hubbie now forbids me to cook... I tink I have to stop cooking now till I've given birth...

Now I'm gonna smell my "bestfriend" and waiting for hubbie to massage my back & leg... Papai!!!!

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