Monday, January 31, 2005

It's drawing nearer & nearer!

Gosh!!! I'm already in my 34th weeks!! Now it's like counting the weeks by finger oredy!! It can be 3 weeks or 4 weeks from now! *gulp* Ya Allah! Berilah hamba mu ini kekuatan untuk menempuhi saat-saat waktu ku bersalin kelak...

I've yet to pack my emergency bag! I keep delaying packing it... Everyday hubbie keeps reminding me to pack the bag but I told him later can pack lah! hehe.. Now I keep getting people telling me tat I will be due tis end of Feb when they see my tummy... Ermmm.. Even just now dad told me over the phone tat most probably my baby will pop up by end of Feb! Hmmm.. see lah whether my lil' gurl wanna be Feb baby or March baby..hehe

Anyway today I feel tat my tummy is extremely heavy than before.. My "dobok" lil gurl is putting more weight I guess! Just imagine I walk from my room to the kitchen, I'm panting for breath!! Sesak napas btul ah! Just let see the weight tis Lil' gurl puts in tis coming Sat when I have my check up...

Okay I tink I'm in a mood to pack my emergency bag.. Now I shall list down the things tat I need to put inside the bag.. If anything missing, kindly remind me of what else to bring ya!!

For mummy
  • toiletries
  • towel
  • nursing bra
  • disposable undies
  • maternity pad
  • socks
  • clothes
  • jacket
  • surah yasin
  • make up pouch
  • marriage cert - Thanks Magg for reminding me!
  • nursing pad - Thanks mayang! ;)
For baby
  • blanket
  • tops (button in front)
  • bottoms
  • mittens & booties
  • napkins (for bedung)
  • air zam-zam
  • kurma
  • cap - Thanks Layla for reminding!
Anything that I left out? Feel free to add on in my comment box! Thanks! :)

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