Wednesday, January 12, 2005

King of Fruits!!

Today I have to wake up early as there will be a powershut down in the whole blk between 9am to 5.30pm.. After hubbie went to werk, I did not sleep back like usual but instead I took my bath...While waiting for my fren, Rohani, to drop by, I checked my mails... Rohani came by around 8 plus... She had brought me a carton of Daisy Fresh Milk and 5 boxes of Fruit Tree juices.. All courtesy of her cuzzin, Kak Fuah, from JB who work in a company who produces all those milks and juices...

We had a long talk since we have not been seeing each other for quite sometimes... Too bad the power was shutdown at 9am sharp... But we still continued talking & talking..hehe.. Around 11.10am, she sent me to Bedok Home before she went over to her dad's shop... Thanks Rohani!! :)

Reached Bedok, mum is in a midst of cooking Ayam Serai Lengkuas & Sambal Goreng... While I returned call to my fren, Nazreen... We had along talk too over the phone.. Ever since she gave birth her 2nd son, she has been very very busy..Pity her!! She gave me lotsa tips & advices on labour and many things..

At about 2pm, I had got ready to meet kissy, shanah & Klopez but I soon realised tat I didn't bring my wallet with me!! So very the careless of me!! Iskkkk... How am I going to go out with them to Tampines??? Told mum abt it and mum gave me cab money to go back to my home... Make a quick trip to get my wallet and met the 3 gurlz at Kembangan MRT...

Went jalan2 at Tampines Mall & Century Sq... Had a birthday present search for someone.... After a long & tiring walk, we decided to sit at McD... After tat we went back home... Took MRT with kissy while shanah took the bus and Klopez waited for her mum to go another shopping trip...

Went back to Bedok... Rested for awhile before hubbie came... We had dinner den lazed around with my sis & bro... Dad came back with DURIANS!! We had durian feast together... But I didn't eat tat much cos I'm scared it's too hot for my body!! :) ...One craving down!! :p

We went back home around 8.40pm... I need to sleep early today as I'm quite tired since I didn't get to sleep enuff.... Byee for now!!!

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