Monday, January 17, 2005


The moment I stepped in front of the National Stadium, old memories flashed back in my mind!! It was like 10 yrs back I last stepped my foot here to watch the Malsysia Cup matches!! The feeling oh-so great!!

Both me & hubbie reached the Stadium at around 5.35pm... We waited for Klopez & her fiancee plus their gang outside the Stadium... We then saw a redemption booth and we kepo2 take a peek and saw tat we can get free Lion's Supporter T-Shirt... We being the kiasu Singaporean too, joined in the Q... With a happy face, both of us get hold of the free T-Shirt... Hubbie on the spot changed the T-Shirt.. iskk..tak sabau2 laki aku ni!! hehe.. As for me, takkan lah nak tukar kat depan2 manusia yg ramai ni..ekeke.. So I told hubbie tat once we go in then I will go to the ladies and get changed... U know lah...all my red t-shirts cannot fit in just bcos my tummy growing & growing so I got a difficult time in choosing a RED SHIRT in my wardrobe.. So just before we went out from our hse, I saw tis red baju, It's M size... So I try lah... It fits me cun cun one!! So pakai jer lah..

We decided to go in the Stadium first and wait for them inside... Went over to the ladies and changed into the Free Tee while hubbie went to buy drinks... We then went inside... Ohhh boyyy!!! The atmosphere really like the Malaysia Cup days!! I see RED everywhere!! Except a small portion of the Indon camp in white... We found a sit but not really in the middle as it was already packed at tat time.. I just sooo like the atmosphere there!! Fuhh!! Anyway Klopez, Nahar and their gang came late so they sat at the other side... Too bad we cudn't meet lah!

Suddenly I ponder to myself...10 - 12 tahun dulu, aku tengok bola masa tuh tgh kali aku datang Stadium dah nak jadi Mak Budak!! isk isk isk... How time flies ya!!

We joined in the Kallang Wave & the clapping...It was soo great lah! Dunno how to describe..hehe
The moment started at 7.30pm sharp... There goes our screaming & cursing... When Spore scored, iskkk...the whole Stadium ROAR!!! For once, i tot I'm not pregnant and I started to join in jumping and clapping.... nasib baik gue tak terberanak kat situ gak!! hahaha..

Final result, Singapore 2, Indonesia 1 and S'pore won by 5-2 aggregate!! We stayed till the Cup presentation.. We left the Stadium with a satisfaction feeling!! Before we went back home, we drop by at Lion City's KFC and tapau chicken meal back... I'm sooo hungry after the screaming and clapping!! hehe..

Back home, my whole body aching...tu lah terlompat2 cam monyet! hehe..Den some more the seats bukan nya leh sandar..eheh.. After washing up and solat, both of us went to our dreamland with a smile.... :)

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