Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Go down Town!

I was feeling so sleepy today as I didn't have a good sleep last nite.. It was not bcos of my lil gurl kicking but I just simply cudn't get to sleep... Was awake till around 3am in the morning... Was feeling so frustrated.. I knew tat I'm just so sleepy but yet I cudn't sleep a wink.. :( Woke up again around 5 plus...and it took me around 15 mins to get to sleep... Arghh!! Stresss!!!

Anyway today no cooking for me again... MIL too did not cook for the day... We gonna go out to town after hubbie finished his werk... Need to pay our Citibank bill... So I went down to hubbie's werk place around 6.15pm and we went to Orchard... After paying the bills, we went to Old Chang Kee and bought Prawn Nugget, Crab Nugget, Soft Squid, Fried Squid and Spring Roll.. Yummyy!!! So nice!! Anyway the Halal Cert has been displayed!! :)

Then we off to Lucky Plaza foodcourt to have our lunch...Had Laksa and hubbie had Chickie Rice.. After tat we went back...

Feeling tired now... I need to laze around on my bed now... Tomoro is eve of Hari Raya Aidiladha...

Papai for now!!

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