Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Well, Midweek's here!

I guess tis week really past quite fast... Perhaps I've been out for 2 days straight else I tink the days will past very slow!! hehe

Anyway today hubbie is back to werk... But suddenly tis morning he remembered tat he needs to report to Kallang Base for his IPPT eventho' he is excused from IPPT due to his medical review (knee ops)... He had reached office and suddenly he called me tat he need to rush to Kallang Base... Tat means will he get another day off??? yeahooo!!

Hubbie called back around 9am and was told tat he just need to sign the attendance and can go back home now!!! I was soo delighted!! But he said tat he still needs to report back to office at 2.30pm cos it's just haf day off... Okaylah better than nothing rite?? At least I got his company till 2pm before he leaves for werk! :)

Hubbie reached home at 9.30am with Roti Prata for bfast! MIL actually gave some kuihs too (balance of her jualan).. had bfast together while we watched DVD (Duplex).. Actually I was still sleepy tis morning as I didn't get to sleep well last nite... It's not bcos of my lil' gurl movement but I just cudn't get to sleep...It's sooo frustrating...But I'm telling myself to tahan just another month before my lil' gurl pop out from my tummy.... :) E-N-D-U-R-E is the werd rite now!!!

We both took a short nap at around 1pm.. Woke hubbie up at 1.45pm as he needs to be back at his office by 2.30pm... After his solat Zohor, he went off... I tried to sleep back by tossing and turning but my lil' gurl doing her "exercise" in my tummy by bulging in and out... I gave up and read my book...

Rite now I just finished doing 2 A Maths sum requested by hubbie's nephew, Farhan... Phew!! Nowadays kid can become crazy with all these higher standard sums given to them.. I myself have to crack my brain to solve the sums...iskk... Pity these kids... Will have to do the explanation to him later on...

Kay gotta go now...Hubbie is back oredy!! Gotta lay out dinner for him... He brought back goreng2 stuff from Old Chang Kee courtesy from my dad...Hubbie saw dad at the usual buss stop where dad usually take bus back home... Hubbie stop his bike to have a chat with dad and was told by dad to wait for awhile as he wanted to buy for us Old Chang Kee (Ubi Branch) ..

Enjoy the 2 remaining weekdays guys!! Papai!! :)

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