Friday, January 28, 2005

Friday Nite Out!

Both me & hubbie went down Orchard to meet the rest of the guys for dinner and lepak session..
We had dinner at Lucky Plaza foodcourt.. Met kissy, Klopez, shanah, Kak Sun & eL there... I had Sliced Fish Noodle...

Then after Lucky Plaza, we headed to Paragon Coffee Bean for our chit chat session... sham joined us there while hir joined us later after his dept dinner at Hyatt.. I had tis White Chocolate Raspberry Ice Blended... POwer!!!! soDapp!! hehee...

We made a move around 10.40pm...

Here are some photo shots taken juz nOw!

Ermm...did u see the uncensored werd there???????

ermmm...penyet or penyek???? *wondering*

White Christmas being "seludup" inside Kopi Bean!

Charlie Chaplin & his 3 sweet angels!! *grin*

Obek Sun & the kuncu-kuncu nya! hehe

Satu tgh amik gambar, lagi satu tgh termenung!!

More pics, pls click here!

Oh ya! I've finally got my hands on BLESSINGS! Thanks Raz for the "package" sent thru my post box & with the original Taufik's autograph! Hubbie was the one who gone all excited abt receiving the copy... He quickly grabbed the CD and played it... Singing along Me & Mrs Jones track (his most feveret song!!) ..

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