Thursday, January 27, 2005

Shooo Mr Flu!!!!

Achooooooooooooooooom!! I got tis Mr Flu since yesterday nite!! And it's becoming worst now!! Now VICKS has been a bestfriend to my nose!! I just pop in the flu medicine and gonna knock out anytime now!

Didn't do much things today... Read book & surf the net.. Both me & hubbie went over to Bedok Home to take home BAMIAH tat mum had cooked earlier.. Then we off to Shing Shiong Bedok Reservoir to do some groceries shopping...

At around 8.20pm, hubbie's cuzzin came with his wife... They went back around 9.30pm and we had a quick dinner... Bread with bamiah...

Now watching the American Idol... I tink I better stop now... Si irritating ah tis flu! I just need to lie down for now! Bye!!

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