Saturday, January 22, 2005

My Dobok Lil' Gurl!

Headed to Kembangan Plaza at around 8.20am... Was 2nd in Q outside the Clinic.. Phew! After taking weight, BP & urine, sat one korner while waiting for Dr to arrive.. Dr came about 9.30am..
We went in and before Dr did the scanning, he told us tat at 32 weeks, baby's weight will be around 1.6kg to 1.8kg... So let's see how much weight did our lil' gurl put in??!!! Dr showed the baby's head, thigh & body and was shocked to see the weight!!!!! She's oredy 2.1kg mind you!! Fuhh!! dobok betul lil' gurl aku ni!! iskk iskk!! Dr oso laff with us! No wonder I feel so heavy lah.. I gained 1kg of weight too... lucky it's not much! We also get to hear our lil' gurl's heartbeat.. So cute!! Did asked Dr what will be my baby's weight roughly when reaching the due date... He told us tat our baby might be weighing around 3.5kg but he said for my size, it's best to give birth when the baby's weight is around 3kg to 3.1kg... Ermmm...we shall see how it goes! :D

Dr Aziz oso discussed with us on the warning sign of labour and was asked to call him anytime... Next visit will be every 2 weeks now... And he will further discuss on breastfeeding and others... He gave me medicine for my itchiness too... He said it's normal for some pregnant woman to encounter itchiness all over her body... Hopefully tis medicine help reduce the itchiness...

Now I'm back home and just took my medicine...Hubbie had just finished cleaning the fridge and he'll be mopping the whole house... As for me, I need to catch some sleep while hubby doing the chores ;) Tenkiu dear!! :D

Have a great weekend peeps!!!

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