Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Reading Time!

Yesh!! Finally I went over to Bedok Library to borrow some books to kill my boredom at home.. Hubbie was asking me where can we go today for jalan2 but I really got no idea... We lazed around at home till it's 4pm den hubbie suggested to go my parents' hse... So I told him to bring me to Bedok Library before we went over to Bedok Home..

Called mum & dad to inform tat we're coming over... Mum told me tat she cooked gado-gado & mee goreng... Alhamdulillah, terjamin dinner kita ya!! hehe.. Met my sis near the library as she wants to tag along too after her class...

Managed to borrow 6 books... So hopefully I wont complain getting bored starting from tomoro!! hehehe..

We ate gado-gado as soon as we reached Bedok Home cos our tummies were growling badly! hehehe... Anyway we actually had lunch at 2 plus.. MIL gave Lemak Ketam & Ikan Goreng...
Dad came home at 7pm.. Watched TV together...

Before we went home, I ate some mee goreng and tapau some for hubbie... Ermmm...tomoro hubbie has to go back to werk after 2 days of leave..iskk.. So fast ah!! No company tomoro!! :(

Just finished ironing hubbie's clothes... And now I'm gonna start reading my book!! See ya! Byee!!

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