Sunday, January 02, 2005

Mendak plus Mendung Day!

It is raining since early morning till now... No doubt the weather is so syiookkk to stay indoor but it makes me "rimas" at home with the whole house so gelap... And I doubt with tis kind of weather, you guys have the mood to go out?

Anyway I just woke up from my afternoon nap... Didn't want to sleep but I guess I'm sooo tired after not sleeping well last nite... Ohhh...My lil' gurl is soooo active kicking me at nite and I can't just find a good position to sleep... In the end, I slept the opposite side where my head rested at the end of the bed which is opposite from hubbie... I tink she went to sleep for awhile before waking up around 7 plus in the morning... I was awaken by a hard kick of hers.... I forced myself to sleep but in the end I keep tossing & turning tis morning till I finally decided to wake up at 10am... Hmmm.. indeed it's true wat ppl say tat 7 mths onwards, the kicking will be unbearable... hehe... She can make wave some more... and the movement can lasted like 30 secs non-stop.... hehe... I will laff each time I happen to see the movement on my tummy so do my hubbie... *giggle*.. I guess she can't wait to see both her mama & abah lah... But wait Lil' gurl...U have to wait when U are in full term then you can come out kay!! Now U're only 7 mths plus...So just wait for another 2 more mths... hehehehe

Gonna go to my MIL's place...My peyut soo lapar oredy... I didn't cook for lunch today except Fried Rice for bfast... Heard SIL cooked Kari Kepala Ikan... *slurpppppp*

Have a brand new week & year ahead of you guys!!! Byee!!

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