Tuesday, January 04, 2005

So T-I-G-H-T!

Get to wake up late today as my lil' baby is good today... *grin* .. Actually the whole day I'm feeling quite tired eventho' I didn't do much things at home.. I guess tis is due to the heavy tummy tat I'm carrying now... I even slept for 2 hrs in the afternoon just now... And still after waking up, I still feel sleepy..isk isk isk...

Anyway didn't have to cook today as MIL gave sambal daging & veggies... Will resume cooking tomoro!

The whole afternoon, my tummy below feel so tight... I feel so uncomfortable and plus the baby's kicking and made it worst... I tink tat's normal rite?? The tightness feeling?

Shall stop here for today... So sleepy oredy.... Papai!!!

Congrats Hajira on the arrival of yur Lil' Gurl tis afternoon.. Hope both mum & baby are well.. Take care!!!

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