Sunday, January 16, 2005

Disappointed?? No More!!!

Hoorayyy!!! We've got 2 Complimentary tixs from my hubbie's PCG fren... Thanks to him tat me & Klopez get to go to the Stadium & support the Lions today!! Hip! Hip! hooray!! Since yesterday, we've been asking around for any extra tixs... The verdict - No tixs.. All buy ngam ngam ho one! Until tis morning, hubbie tried calling all his frens in his hp contacts and Alhamdulillah, just 10 mins ago, his fren called back telling him tat there is a Complimentary Gallery Tix with him as he did try to search for hubbie... We were sooo happy... Few mins ago, he called again and told hubbie tat now he got 2 tixs in hand... Hubbie quickly called Nahar and told him tat we got a tix for Klopez too!! yeah! Now my spirit is flaming high!!! Yeahoooooo!!

After Asar prayer, we will go all the way to CCK Swimming Complex (he's werking with Spore Sports Council there) to collect the tix...

I'm in rejoicing mood now :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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