Saturday, January 29, 2005

I'm so frustrated!!

Guess what?? I didn't get to sleep a wink the whole nite!!!! Tis time is very very bad! Cos usually I get to sleep altho' the time shows 3am in the morning but yesterday nite, was sooo teruk!! Tried reciting few doas, putting axe oil on my nose but I kept tossing and turning to get to sleep! I was awake till 10.30am tis morning.. As early as 7plus in the morning, I took my bath and had 2 half boiled eggs and a cup of milo.. Hoping after the bfast, I can sleep... but arghhh!!

So around 11am, I tink I managed to knock out but only for abt an hr...Suddenly woke up at 12.15pm.. My eyes really cannot open but I just CAN'T GET TO SLEEP!!! I just hope tonite I can sleep lah! else bleh jadi gila aku!!!

Okaylah me gotta go...Gonna watch the Gila Gila Pengantin Remaja at Suria... bye!!!

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