Wednesday, February 09, 2005

What a Boring Holiday!

How's yur holiday guys? Mine was sooooo boring!! Boring to the MAX!! Was at home all the way!! Feeling very very sian ah! Wanna go out, most of the shops are closed... so wat can we do? *sigh*

Watched Mr Cinderella 2 den take a nap for awhile den wake up den watch TV.. iskk boring lah.. Tomoro another boring day at home!!

The only thing tat I'm happy is my new blogskin.. Brought to you by F & T Blogskin Design by Mamafai & Trina.. Simply lurve the skin!! Those who wants to customized yur blogskin or purchase their shareware layout, do visit their site! They got interesting skins!! :)

Okaylah time to go lah... byeee!

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