Monday, February 14, 2005

"Straight To The Kitchen"

Wellow!! First of all, wishing you guys a Happy Valentine's Day eventho' we as a Muslim are not to celebrate it!! Just a wish only ;)

Went out for dinner at Straits Kitchen with Klopez, Nahar, kissy, hir, Kak Nor & Abg Wan...First time there and we were quite a jakunist actually...hahaha... Did a last min booking as we tot it wud be pack cos it's Valentine's Day but Alhamdulillah we got the reservation.. Nezam joined us after werk...

Tried lotsa food there...Dunno how many rounds we had gone to take the food!! Seems everything nice there but actually didn't get to eat all lah...

The worst part was towards the end where I became a "Mak Buyong Merlion"... A sudden puke came out from my mouth!!!! Abis lah table dan lantai ditempat ku duduk penuh dgn muntah Mak Buyong!! haha... Everyone at the table were quite panicked!! haha... Luckily we got an inner part section of the seats else I tink the "Tragedy" will be seen by the rest... A helpful staff gave me a big crumpled tissue... I know tat I ate a lot and my stomach & baby cudn't take it anymore!! haha..Serve me rite!! Tu lah gelojoh sgt... Dah tu buat muka sardin jer lah...hehe.. Got a cup of warm water to ease me down... Sorry guys for tat unintentionally incident!! *paiseh* But I got reason mah!! hahaha...Pandai jer aku ni!! hehe

Anyway shortly after tat we went out from the Restaurant as the buffet closed at 10.30pm.. Selagi belom abis, agaknya kita tak balik lah nampaknya...hehe..

Sempat posing depan bilik air Hyatt..dah cam tourist plak!

More pics available here!

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