Monday, February 21, 2005

So Bored!

I was feeling so bored the whole day! I dunno why??? As usual will be logging in to my PC and do my daily stuffs... At around 12.30pm, met MIL downstairs as she passed me Satay tat FIL bought at Haig Rd... Tat will be my lunch! Yummie!!

My back really ache so much! Told my MIL and she said tat's one of the sign of labour oso... I took a rest a few times on the bed but when it comes to the turning part, ouch! Really hard for me to turn my whole body to the left or right.. I talked to my baby to come out early so tat both Mama & Abah can see her soon!!!

Oops..tomoro gonna be my 37th weeks!! And I'll be having an urut session with my mum's fren... Mum gonna come over too!

Congrats to mayang on the arrival of her first bundle of joy yesterday! Meaning mine will be soon cos she & I are 6 days apart.. But it depends anyway! I'm all excited actually rather than being scared!! I just wanna oversome the labour soon so tat I can see my bundle of joy too!! hehe...

Okay stop here for now...Gonna put in our Digi Cam inside my E-Bag before I forget..ehehe.. Hmmm...What else whud I put in??!!

Bye Bye!!

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