Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Rambut ku korban kan!

Today I get to go Bedok home as mum's cooking Chicken Rice today! So after my sis finished her class, she fetched me and went to bedok.. Returned the library books and then off I went to cut my hair..! I soo cannot tahan with my hair as it's getting longer and very very the hot! Once finished cutting, I feel so fresh and my hair feel so light!

Off we went back Bedok home... I soo very the lepak atas the katil! Bery tired liao! Switched on aircon full blast and lazed around...

Hubbie came around 6.30pm... Ate dinner together-gether... Dad came home around 7 plus.. We went home around 8.20pm.. Mum tapau the chicken rice for us...

Now I'm gonna rest my body on the bed! Papai!!!

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