Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Cud it be next week??????

Just came back from my gynae's clinic... We brought forward my check up to today instead of Saturday..... The reason is tat, hubbie took family care leave..Why??? The whole nite I cudn't sleep and "merengek" like budak kecik... So hubbie cudn't get enuff sleep as he gave me full attention and recites Ayatul Kursi few times before I can go to sleep at nearly 4am..

So when I woke him up tis morning, he said tat he's so sleepy and so I told him to take either MC or leave...He then suggested tat I shud bring forward my check up today so tat he can claimed the Family Care Leave... So at 9pm I called the clinic asking tat I will be coming for the check up today...

Reached the clinic at 10am.. After taking urine test, BP & weight, we immediately can see Dr Aziz... There's only 1 patient..Alhamdulillah.... Dr scanned my baby and was told tat she puts on 2.7kg of weight and her head is down there oredy but not fully engaged... And the most surprising thing he said is tat..It might be due next week...WAT????? oops... But the next check up will be on 26th Feb where there will be a Vagina Examination...Ok'ohh!! Cakit kan?????
Anyway everything is fine lah... Just wait for the time to come.... hehe..

So frens out there...Do pray for me and hope I will have a smooth normal delivery Insya Allah....

Kay out now! Bye!!

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