Friday, February 04, 2005

Weekend Finally Here!

As usual didn't managed to sleep well last nite... Haiiii...takpe lah...sabar jer!! Around 11 plus MIL called informing me tat FIL is on the way sending Ikan Tenggiri Masak Asam & Sambal Ikan Bilis with tempeh.. I cooked rice so tat I can have lunch with the 2 dishes...

Mum called telling me tat my bro gonna send Lauk rawan to my hse.. Wah today Alhamdulillah, many2 lauk lah.. As usual we lurve Mum's Rawan... Complete with bagedils, paru, tempeh, ayam goreng, serunding & sambal belacan.. yummieee!!

Spent the afternoon surfing, chatting and lazing around.. I had set aside the washed baby's clothings and stuffs to be packed inside the E-bag..

Hubbie came home around 5.30pm... We had our early dinner at 6.20pm.. Around 8 plus, hubbie's cousin & wifey came... They shared with us the Business of Amway... they went back around 10pm... There goes my drama series, My Lucky Charm..Only managed to see the last 15 mins...hehe..

Anyway I'm excited for tomoro as we gonna get to see our Lil' gurl's progress... Got appt with
my gynae tomoro morning... Shall update further on my Lil' gurl tomoro!! Have a great weekend guys!!

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