Friday, December 25, 2009

Closer to 8 mths..

2 more days I'm reaching my 32 weeks.. That's fast! I so can't wait for the BIG Day! I guess my tummy is just too heavy for me to carry around.. But Alhamdulillah till now I can still walk around with my heavy tummy... My legs are just itchy to go out.. :p
I've yet to buy Lil Bebe's clothes.. All I have is Alisha's small pinky clothes which I don't tink is appropriate for Lil Bebe to wear.. Lil Bebe will get a totally brand new clothes... So we shall go shopping soon before I can no longer have the strength to go out...
Just 1 more mth to go before I can sit at home and rest while waiting for the DAY to come.. Have
to endure... And will need to hand over my work within this 1 mth.... Anyway 1 mth will past like a flash! :)
Wishing all Happy Holidays and those celebrating Xmas a Happy Merry Xmas! Today another round of food indulgence at Sakura Intl Buffet!! Yummehhh!!
Note: Photo of tummy taken on 31 weeks & 5 days...

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Heroine said...

Dear Zub,

You are no longer 8 months pregnant! Update la!