Sunday, December 06, 2009

Three-Three.. Tiga-Tiga...

Syukur Ya Allah ku dipanjangkan umur hingga ke hari ini.. Genap usia ku 33 tahun.. Syukur Alhamdulillah ku diberikan kesempatan untuk hidup dan memperbaiki diri ku lagi..

Praises to Allah that I'm given the chance to live till this very day.. 33 years and Insya Allah more years to come..

No other presents that I've asked for except this precious Lil Bebe in my tummy.. Never did I imagine I will be celebrating my 33 years of age with my 2nd child in the tummy and soon he will be popping out to see the world in 2 mths time.. Insya Allah... Praises to Allah...

No grand celebration as there is no more zest celebrating birthday as how I used to celebrate during my teens days.. Outing with families is good enuff for me..

Yesterday we had an outing with Kak/Abg Long & family to Tang Tea House before heading to Terminal 2 to meet Abg Chik & family... Received a set of Chomel accessories from Kak Long & family.. It was an impromptu surprised gifts by them.. We had drinks & fries @ McDonalds before going off close to midnite..

Today, we attended a wedding from PIL's side.. After Asar, we went out to meet my family at Bedok.. Hubby dearest bought for me Canon Ixus 100IS camera which I wanted for quite sometimes... My Sis got for me Creative Zen Mosaic MP3 player.. My bro treated us dinner at Pizza Hut.. I couldn't thank enuff for their generousity.. May Allah blessed my whole family (both sides families) with good health and happiness always.. For me the family bonding we shared is more than enuff to make me a happy lady.. Not forgetting my Lil Princess Alisha made me a card with the help of my sis.. :)

Alhamdulillah, turning 33 years old will make me more wiser and I hope to be a better person, wife, mum, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister & friend to all... Insya Allah...

Thank you to all families & friends for the well wishes & doas which came thru FB & smses.. Really really appreciate it.. Also thanks to Norasziah & Alicia for the advanced birthday gifts.. :))

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