Monday, July 12, 2010

SPAIN I must say!!

Hokay, we all know that SPAIN won the World Cup for 2010. Both hubbie and me were rooting for them eversince the World Cup started. I dunno why I rooted for them but when I saw how they played, it really amazed me. I was even crazy for SPAIN compared to hubbie. I even changed my iPhone cover to SPAIN's .. The eve of the final match, I got hubbie to go to Queensway Shopping Centre just to buy the ladies' SPAIN jersey.. See how crazy I was?! But the effort seemed not wasted as SPAIN really won!! Wooohooo!

Here I am in the office wearing SPAIN jersey.. Mr CEO have the staff who supported the Winning Team morning off. So I got to come to office after lunch! Cool aye! Thanks Mr CEO!! :)

Time to knock off!! Adious!

La Viva Espana ......

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