Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dinner @ Seoul Garden

A simple birthday dinner treat by hubby at Seoul Garden for my 30ish bday.. I requested to go Seoul Garden cos it's been ages since we went there.. Seoul Garden also reminds me of my first craving when I was pregnant with Alisha.. Takde hegeh2, hubbie trus bawak pi makan masa tu! hehehe..*ni lah untungnya kalau ngandung* ;)

Anyway after work just now, we went back home and get freshen up. After our maghrib prayers, we left the house and went to MIL's to pick Icah.. Bid goodbye to both PILs as they will be going back kampung tomoro with BIL's family.. Will only be back on Sunday.. So Icah will be under hubbie's care for Thurs & Fri...

So we went to Tampines Mall's Seoul Garden to have our dinner.. Surprisingly we met Maslia & family there! Ingatkan bday girl yg ngidam nak makan situ, rupanya awak pon tak sempat2 dah pegi siang2! hahaha.. Now Seoul Garden has a spread of food!! Better than before!!

I was surprised with a Bday Cake by Maslia!! Terharu sungguh daku, wahai Cik Maslia ku!! Tenkiu many2 for the Dark Chocolate Truffle cake hor!! I lioke!!! hehe..Sempat kita berposing ye! :)

Maslia & family went off first... We only left Seoul Garden at around 9.20pm... By the time we wanted to "spend money", most of the shops were closed.. We only went to Kiddy Palace to shop for Icah's bottle teats & Strawberry Shortcake straw cuppie.. Anyway I've yet to choose my present.. Dunt know what to get hubbie to buy! hehe.. Nehmind..let me tink!! ;)

After we went out of Tampines Mall, hubbie drove to Orchard Road to see Christmas lightings.. Nice view... Off to ECP and proceed back home...

Tomoro I'm taking a day leave.. So very the malas wanna go work lah.. Anyway Friday is my last day.. Yippieee!!! I got a whole of next week to spend my time with Icah before I start my new job on the 18th Dec... Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Hokay, gotta stop here!! Mata udah kelat!! Come view the pics here!!

p/s: Thank you frens/family for your lovely wishes that came by sms, e-cards, emails, msn, multiply, friendster & blogspot.. I really appreciate it so much!!

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