Sunday, May 30, 2004

Bollywood Fever..

It was raining heavily in the afternoon...Feel so lazy to go anywhere.. Took a short nap as I'm having a bit of flu...Woke up around 3.20pm and watched DVD - Hellboy...Tot of lazing around after it ended but luckily at tat pt of time I was sms-ing kissy asking her what is she doing den she replied tat she was watching the IIFA Award..Aiyohhh...How cud I forget...Shit!! I miss 45 mins of the show..But nevertheless, I managed to catch lotsa handsome & beautiful stars... Love tat Preity Zinta.. She is sooo pretty & sweet with her dimple.. Viviek Oberoi is cute indeed..hehe..Kept exchanging sms with kissy everytime we saw the hunks & babes of BOLLYWOOD!! How I wish I cud meet them in person..Shud have went down to Mustafa Centre when they were shopping tat day..hehe..

Anyway after the IIFA Award show ended, me & hubbie went out to hospital to visit his aunt. Met the rest of the families there... Left the hospital at 7.45pm den proceed to PIL's hse...Kecoh satu rumah dibuatnya dgn seramai-ramai nya manusia..ehehe..

Finally went back home @ 10pm...Luckily I've ironed hubbie's werk clothes...My SIL & family slept over @ our hse as PIL's hse is too cramp with ppl...

Oh well...tomoro is another brand new week..How fast time flies...June is around the corner....For those who are werking tomoro, hope yur Monday will be a cheerful one.. Take care!! Byee!!

Faces of cute Lil' Syazwan..

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