Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Today I cudn't sleep back after hubbie off to werk...The weather dis morning was quite good..I can see the sun...Sunny Quickly I went to spin off my washing machine to wash the dirty laundry...Washing Machine..Had my bfast at the same time switched on my PC...As usual, sent my morning email out to the Sakurapz Geng..I did not login to the chatroom as yet cos I wanted to clear my housewerk before logging in to Ewah2...Hanged all the washed clothes outside. ShoppingAfter finished my housewerk, I read my story book...Around 9.45pm, I then login to ewah2..Most of them were in oredi... Chatted with them till noon before my MIL called asking to meet her for awhile as she wanted to pass me the dishes that she cooked..Meet her around 12.45pm..Wow...Rendang Ayamz & kobis goreng yummie...I lurve MIL RendangGoofy
The moment I reached home, I cudn't resist the Rendang anymore...I heated up yesterday fried rice and ate with the rendang & de veggie..yummie was so delicious!!! After eating, continued my chatting till afternoon...Did take a break for awhile to rest my eyes...It started drizzling again but not so bad like yesterday's weather...

Hubbie came home at 7.45pm today as he went for his hair cut..Served dinner. Watched Dari Studio 1 performance by Siti Sarah over at Suria...

Now here I am in front of my PC with my blog...kissy was oredi offline from the msn...I guess she must have turned in early today cos of her gastric's pain..Poor kissy..Hopefully her gastric will go off soon..and she be well by tomoro morningz... Get Well Soon

Kay I tink I betta stop here for now...Will be back tomoro... Indian

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