Sunday, March 28, 2004

Today me & hubbie went wedding invitation @ Tampines...Dad's relative's son got married...Reached there around 1.20pm..After eating, I told my dad that we're going back cos we need to drop by @ PIL's house..

Went my PIL's house to lepak....We have VCD marathon there...First my BIL watched Janji Diana den followed by Lang Buana but we watched it haf way tho' cos we found the story so lembab...Switched to Rohaya Roy..Ohh yesh! Ari Wibowo is sooo handsome..Blushy 2 After watching Rohaya Roy, we continue to watched Jutawan Fakir...Really had a laffing session...Apek as usual will be the clown of the movie..hehe...When we were about to leave, my Pasir Ris BIL came over with his family... We took our leave @ 6.30pm...

Now I'm gonna do my ironing of clothes..Then lipat-ing all the dried bajus...Then gonna eat my flu tablet cos I'm down with a flu..Pill Hate it man!! Feel like taking off my nose..arghhh!!

Anyway I'm logging off now...Have a pleasant week ahead of you guys.....and Happy Werking tomoro!!

more days to go for the KL Trip!

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