Thursday, February 26, 2004 after hubbie went to werk, I managed to sleep back for awhile.. I guess I'm too tired liao.. Woke up around 9.30am...Had my bfast which my MIL gave (my feveret roti kirai with potato inside). Rite after bfast, I ran the washing machine to wash 3 days dirty clothings.. On my PC and checked my mails..Wow..19 mails @ around 9.50am?? The Sakurapz gurls really flood my mailbox..hahaha... After replying their emails, I went straight in to the chatroom... Spend my time in there till 12 plus. Stop chatting for awhile and went to do my house chores. Login back around 1 plus... Chatted till 3.45pm cos I had to meet my sis to go to Bedok Library. Haven't been to the library for quite sometimes I need to borrow some books to kill my free time.. Meet my sis @ Bedok Interchange and went sraight to KFC.. I was really hungry cos I had not taken my lunch. So do my sis cos she just came back from her remedial... After our lunch, went to search for my facial wash @ Watson. Wow I was taken aback @ the price of the facial wash.. $6.90???? Usual price was around $5.50..Went out from Watson straight.. Ridiculous man!!! We went to NTUC...but too bad as there is no stock for the facial wash..Went other shops too but still no sign of the facial wash... *sigh* I give up and we went straight to the library. Feel so good when I entered the library.. :) After choosing my books, went straight to the borrowing machine to scan the books.

Went back to my parents' place rite after that. Reached there about 5.50pm. Switch on my sis PC. Logon straigh to ewah2... Luckily there's some of them there...Managed to chat for around 20 mins then I logout. While waiting for my hubby to come, I read the Newpaper. At about 6.45pm, hubby came... Get ready for dinner w/o my dad cos he still hasn't come back from werk. Mum cooked Nasi Dhal, Ayam Masak Merah and Daging masak ermmm?? It's a new recipe..dunno wat's the name of the dish.. :D My dad came home around 7.15pm.
After solat magrib, we sat down at the living room and chat with my dad and mum.. We joke around as usual cos my sister will tend to laugh at my mum for her action when she talked...hahaha.. Too bad my bro is in the nite shift.... Had not seen him for quite awhile....

Me and hubbie went back around 8.40pm...Switch on both PCs...Checked mails and wat else..straight into ewah2...At the sametime chat with kissy @ MSN... Reminded her to bring UNO for tomoro gathering.. Can't wait to have lunch with the Sakurapz gang..and will be having dinner with some of them again.... :D

Tink better end my blogging here...Wanna have my nite warm bath....Will be back again tomoro hopefully :)

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