Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Kau Lah Segalanya..

kau merubah segala
cinta yang ku dahaga
kehadiran dirimu menyinari
kesemua hatiku

Kau lukis hidupku
Kau hias hatiku
Kau sambut cintaku
Tulus ikhlas
Suci hatimu kasih

kaulah segalanya
yg menyinar hidupku kasih
hanya satunya
yang ku cintai

Sambutlah cintaku
Jangan kau pergi dari sisiku
Cinta ku padamu
Ikhlas sejati
(Cintaku padamu, ikhlas sejati)

Hulur tanganmu kasih
Sambut cintaku
Jangan tinggalkan daku
Seorang diri
Tak sanggup lagi dilukai

maafkan daku
jika salahku
peristiwa yang pernahku alami dulu
aku tahu betapa pahit mu
menerima sejarah hidupku

Dedicate this song to my beloved hubbie, Rahmat... Suami ku dunia akhirat...

Lately I'm into this Hazrul Nizam song titled Kaulah Segalanya . I find the song quite nice and meaningful... And Hazrul's voice really good but too bad he never win any awards in the APM. Hopefully he can make it next as usual can't sleep after my hubbie went to work. I tossed and turned on the bed but my eyes just cudn't shut so I switch on my PC and logon to my email to wish my Sakurapz frens a very Good Midweek Morning :) Oh ya..Today is Suzie aka Klopez burfday.. Sms her to wish Happy Birthday.. As usual my daily routine starts around 8.45am..hehee...Where else can I go.... .. Managed to catch sunflora and eL inside de room..Hmmm..where is everyone?? Guess either they are late for work (as usual..hahaha) or they are busy with their work.. TuTu sms me telling me that he heard my dedication to Suzie over at RIA. I was quite puzzled...When did I make a dedication early in the morning...I haven't really on my radio... I replied to him that it might be kissy who made the dedication...haha.... Called kissy. She was on the way to werk.. As usual, de Star Karat of Singtel (oops...sorry hOr kissy..hahaha) Was asking her on the dedication..Indeed I was correct..she was de one who sent in the dedication...

Continue chatting as everyone tend to login one by one...TuTu even login..hahah..He can't survive w/o logging in to the chatroom even tho he is busy with his work...Kalau dia chat, memang tak ingat dunia punye...hahaha ... Had yesterday fish curry and bread for my bfast in front of my PC...too engrossed with chatting..haha... I did logout for awhile to tidy my house... But soon after that, I started to login again...Send dedication to RIA again for DJ Fiza to read and I get the DJ to sing a besday Song for Klopez...Lucky for her that she managed to listen to the dedication so do some of the chatters..... :)Spending the whole day chatting... At around 2 plus, my stomach was growling for food... so I fried lady's finger with chilli and cooked the rice...Had my lunch in front of my PC again..hahaha..
Lucky for me that today my hubbie wanted to eat calamari and veggie together with yesterday fish curry. So I planned to fry the calamari around 5 plus... But I chatted tilll 6.15pm...Logout and quickly prepared the calamari. Hubbie came home around 6.30pm. I was in the middle of frying.. Serve dinner around 6.45pm. After dinner I finished the chores and catched the Malay drama at Suria, Generasi 2K.

Had my bath around 8pm and dp my prayer. Now msn-ing with kissy as usual.. ;)

Later will be logging in to the chatroom..Hopefully some regulars will be in... 9.30pm will be catching Aku Hero at Suria...

Stop here for now...Will be back again tomoro....Adios....... (",)

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