Monday, February 02, 2004

Today is resting day... No mood to go out as tomoro werk start as usual.. *sigh* Yesterday was fun meeting all families of both side.. Really enjoy myself.. Plus the yummie food from both side of family..

Today whole day was resting at home..Did some cooking in the afternoon.. Cooked macaroni, fried prawns and fried chicken... Watch tv and sleep... No mood to go to work tomoro actually.. Feel so sian oredi.. How I wish I had not taken up this job...*sigh* But my hubbie gave me permission to quit mid feb... But I do feel half hearted to quit... *sigh* What to say to both side of family.. I dunt want them to think that I'm choosy or wat.. But it's the JOB!! This job is not the job that I wanted to do.... *sigh*
I really hope that I can get the job that I want in this month... Really pray hard...

Now I lost my mood to type... Well...I better do my ironing... My hubbie reservist uniform need to be iron..My hubbie will be going for his reservist tomoro.. At least he can enjoy himself there... as for me..have to struggle at werk till the day end... *sigh*


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