Thursday, April 01, 2004

Today I met Nazreen & Rohani before heading to meet kissy @ CT Hall for our lunch date with the Sakurapz Gurlz @ our usual place..where else if not @ Sakura Capitol Building..Total there were 8 of us...sunflora, Mal, Aliyah, shny, Bunnyz, Klopez, kissy and myself..As usual we will be laffing our hearts out with some "gossiping"..Gossip Ordered Roasted Chicken Noodles and Iced Longan.. Oh ya..Thanks Mal for the treat that you'd given me..Flowers For You Shall treat you one day too...

After lunch, I headed to Bedok where I went to the library before went to my parent's place...Today's menu @ Bedok - Thosai...Yesh!! Mum cooked Thosai with the 2 gravy which includes the kelapa putih..She cooked Kari Babatz too..Hubbie came quite late..had dinner together with dad...Off back home @ 8.15pm cos hubbie has to finish his last bit of reporting stuff... Took my shower and off to watch Beatiful Trio @ Ch 8 followed by Americal Idol...Was not satisfied with the result tho'.. How cud Amy Adams out from the Top 10....Shud be that John Stevens.. He did not perform well yesterday.. What a result!!!! Anyway what can I say..Lets see who's next?!

Oh was quite happy to have found an ol' friend who tagged on my blog...She's known as Elle during those Alamak Days..hehe...Good to be connected again gurL!! Way Too Happy

Kissy is offline rite now...Wunder has she gone to bed this early? Ignoring YouI guess I have to stop here as suddenly my head is spinning... Dunno why?? Anyway have a great Friday tomoro and look out for the weekend folk!! Chiao babey!!!

more days to go!!

Pix of the day! (ignore the date plz..haha)


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