Monday, April 26, 2004

Did nuthing much today except for spending time chatting in ewah2, looking for online jobs and cooked Nasi Goreng Cina for dinner...
Had fun in the chatroom eventho' the "sot dot" woman started to seek attention in the room..She didn't really watch what she said..Anyhow hentam werds tat really made us so frustrated.. Soapbox We all had our own strategy to "attack" her back...Anyway I pity kissy cos she's the one who always kena "hit" by tat "sot dot" woman... Poor partner..hehe.. Feel like zipping tat "sot dot" woman's mouth... Zip It

Today we finalised about meeting over @ my house on Thursday before going to shny's nikah..2 days away only...Tat's great..can see shny in her beautiful outfit and make up.. Jump For Joy

Chatted with NiNi @ msn too..She really had a great time over in Melbourne...Good for her..At least this is her chance to have a long big break before going back to werk again...She's due to arrive S'pore 3rd May.. Can't wait to see her lovely pictures in Melbourne...

Okay guys..stop here now...Hope u all will have a great day tomoro...Stay cheerful and smile alwayz...Bouncy 4 Take care...Waving

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