Saturday, April 03, 2004

oh well!! Today is a b-o-r-i-n-g day for me...Bor-ing I tot that we are going out but hubbie told me that @ 6.55pm, there will be a match on Arsenal vs Man Utd(FA CUP) @ Super Sport..Soccer 2 Hmmm.. there goes my Saturday..Well, I guess I have to watch the game to support my Man Utd.. There you go Red Devils!!! Thrash the Gunners down!!!!

Yesterday nite, me and hubbie went for our supper @ Al Ameen.. I had Mee Hoon Tom Yam and Lala Pedas while hubbie had Nasi Goreng Ayam Sambal.. As usual I will ordered my feveret MILO DINOSAUR.. We tot of catching movie after tat but it's too late so we headed home..On our PCs and was quite surprised to catch kissy online at around 1.25am..She was still hooked up in front of her PC to change her blog layout.. She tempted me change it to..Well...I've been Tempted!!!! And there goes my layout..hehe.. But haf way thru, the layout just cudn't give co-operation wif me and I just go arghhhhh!!!!Club Me 7 I told kissy that I shud turn in cos I'm very sleepy and cudn't concentrate on the changing of the layout..

So today, you guys see my new layout?? How was it? Is it cool??Thumbs Up hehe...While I'm typing this entry, I had just finished cooking fried rice and fried Ayamas chicken..I think kissy is already in town to get her niece's burfday present for tomoro's party.... Well, hubbie just told me that we might be going in JB tonite with Klopez & Nahar... Ohh yeshhh...I will want to eat at Last Kopek...I guess I may be ordering Udang Goreng tepong..yeahh..superb dish...RM4 for 8 pieces of prawns!! Cheap isn't it???? hehe..

Okay I tink haf to stop here...Gonna eat my fried rice...Have a nice day!! Papaiiiii

more days to go..!!

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