Friday, April 16, 2004

Today I had made appointment wif my cuzzin @ 1pm in Terminal 1 Changi Airport to send her off to Melbourne for her 2 weeks holiday...It's my first time taking MRT to Changi Airport..Normally I took either my hubbie's bike, cab or bus...But this time I was so amazed by the spacious and nice MRT station that I've seen so far... *so suaku ritee??* hehehe...Met Nini @ Depature hall den followed her to check in her baggage..Then we went to the 24hrs foodcourt @ Level 2 for our lunch..Had Chicken Cutlet while Nini had spaghetti bolognaise...Her excitement was seen all over her face..hehe...The last time she went to Melbourne was in 1997 where we were in 2nd yr poly...Tat time she went with her mum and sis but now she was alone travelling in the flight..Anyway her aunty will pick her up later @ the airport...After she had went in to board her flight, I went straight home...

Reached home and rest for around 1 hr plus before I went out again to meet my hubbie @ his werk place.. We gonna meet Klopez & bf, Lenny & fiancee and also kissy @ Victory Rest to have our Murtabak Dinner...The rest of the Sakurapz Gurlz cudn't make it....I met Rohani & Faizal over @ Victory Rest..They were there too to pick up murtabak from her dad's restaurant..(Rohani..I know u gonna read tis..hehehe)

After dinner we went to Bugis to jalan2...Lenny's fiancee wanted to buy a shirt for his D&D tomoro.. So we began scouting a shirt for him...We all became his fashion consultant..hehe...Den we lepakz @ Coffee Bean...Went home @ 10.15pm..

Today me & kissy missed the last episode of the Chinese Drama..I wunder what happened to the ending story..I guess I have to ask my sis to give me a full story on tat later.. Nini just sms me tat she had reached Melbourne and now waiting for her aunt to pick her up...She said that it was freezing cold there..12 degrees celsius mind you...!!

Gonna stop here for now...I'll be back tomoro nite....To you guys, have a great weekend and enjoy yurselves....Take care....Papaiiiii!!!

Pics of the day!!

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