Thursday, April 15, 2004

Today I did lotsa household chores..Dunno why suddenly my mood was soo good that I really picked up my energy to do house cleaning and clearing the unfolded dried clothes (2 washing trips)..Pheww!!Nervous 2 At last I can say the house is in spic and span...Then I can really take a rest for a few days before I can start cleaning it back..Quite lucky of me cos we live on our own and there's nuthing much to be done unlike if there's kids around where yur house will be in a total mess..hehe...I guess I can't speak too soon...One day I will be a mum too and will be chasing my children for messing the house..hehehe...Talking abt children, suddenly today I feel so depressed... TearyWhyy?? Well, I've been married for 1 year 4 months and 2 days and I have yet to to get the feel of pregnancy.. *sigh* How I envy my friends who are in their pregnancy stage...Making A Wish My secondary skool bestfriend, Lilli, just informed me last Sat that she was 3 months pregnant rite after her marriage on last 22nd Dec 03...Was soo happy for her but kinda sad for me..Sometimes I wunder why some peepz get pregnant easily but not me...Disappointed 3 Well...I know that it's God's will...I guess I have to work hard enuff, pray and perhaps get to urut my body and seek a gynae... Oh ya, Kak Su had made the urut appointment on 8th May 04 over @ my house @ 9am..Kak Su & Ros will be joining too...Hope after the urut session, slowly we can get pregnant.. Insya Allah... Enuff of pregnancy else I will be more depressed!!

Went over to visit my cuzzin and her baby @ Thomson Medical Ctr with hubbie, my parents, sister, aunty and my cute lil' cuzzin, Ariff.. Good to see my cuzzin is in a healthy state eventho' she had a caesarian birth yesterday..But quite sad that her baby gurl is in ICU due to a breathing problem... Her heartbeat goes beating very fast... I really hope that she will be okay soon so tat she can goes home too with her mum tis Saturday..I will pray to GOD to give her a good health and be well soon...But we managed to catch a glimpse of her chubby and soooo cute...Their parents named her Qistina Aleeya but yet to register the birth cert..hehe...Her kakak, Aina Aqilah was so bijak..She keep talking & talking non-stop...She's only 2 years plus but mulut dia masya allah...dah macam budak 4 tahun..Kecohrable.. Laughing BabyAnyway my aunty brought mee goreng and jemput2 udang..Dah macam picnic dalam spital...ehehe...This is how my family is..When's there a gathering, there will always be food around us..hehehe...

Well, we went out from the hospital @ 8.30pm..Dad suggested tat we went to Novena Square's KFC to have our dinner no doubt we were already full but dad has promised to dine outside after visiting... Mum supposed to blanja us but in the end dad is the one who is paying the dinner...hehehehe...The KFC supposed to close @ 9pm but we stayed till 9.30pm...Dad, mum, sis, aunty and Ariff took cab home while we zoomed our bike home....Harley Couple

Reached home, managed to catch the last 3 mins of the Chinese Drama..Oh nooo!! Today is the 2nd last episode and I'm missing it...Well need to stay home tomoro to watch the final episode..had told hubbie tat..hehe...Need to schedule our movie with kissy and the rest on Saturday...Gonna watch Starsky & Hutch...Watched AI3 @ 10pm..I tink this time round Diana Degarmo or John Stevens shud be out...Well will wait for the result tomoro...

Kay..I shall stop here and be back tomoro nite...Till then..Have a Great Friday tomoro and remember...a day to go before the weekend!!! Yippieeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chiaoooo!!!!Waving

Took some pixs in the hospital just now...More pics please click here!!

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