Thursday, April 22, 2004

Did not do much things in de morning except tat I met Nazreen & Rohani @ Utama Cafe for lunch..But I did not eat anything cos I'm still full..Had a can of coke..Saw my ex-Operation Manager there too..Kinda miss her...She's my best ever Manager tat I've had during my those Team Leader days in ITSS...She's the one who gave me support and encouragement...We will fight all the way thru with my SDM, tat LHS..You Suck Miss those days....Now I feel kinda sad cos ITSS account gonna close by end of tis month..I first joined tat account after I graduated from poly and it's my first job then...Was a helpdesk then and slowly I climbed up the ladder to be a Team Leader...Had so much fun with my fellow colleagues...Really miss them so much....Rohani did told me tat they're gonna organise a dinner gathering for ITSS team be it the current team members or the ex-team members...The dinner will be @ Swensen Changi Airport on tis coming Wednesday...I told her tat I will informed my hubbie abt tis and hopefully we can joined them..I really looking forward to have tis kind of gathering wif them..How I remembered the time we organised a JB Trip for 2 days 1 nite...tat was fun then...we had so much fun in the office too with birthday celebrations and many more....Well, I'm happy tat we all still keeping touch with each other even tho' some of us were out from tat account... Well enuff abt tat...It makes me feel sad ...

Today I cooked chicken + mutton sup for hubbie...He is still @ recovering stage where he cudn't take any oily stuff..After finished cooking, I logged in to ewah2 again to have a chat with the gurlz...It seems tat Kak Asmah is addicted to ewah2 oredi..She became part of Ewah2 family along with her new co-partner, Kak sunflora..hehe...Now we have 2 kakaks in there... Bouncy 5

Hubbie went back around 7pm...He bought for me folic acid tablets @ Unity Pharmacy..Kak Asmah recommended us who want to get pregnant to take folic acid pills...Besides drinking AnMum's milk, now I can have extra folic acid by taking the pills...Really hope tat we can have a baby soon...Brows

Well, tomoro hubbie is on leave as he's gonna take his MSCA paper...Hope he will make it for the paper... Will pray for him..Good Luck Tomoro we'll be meeting kissy & hir for lunch...I'll be meeting kissy first as she's on haf day...Will meet hir after his solat Jumaat..Will decide where to go after lunch tomoro...

I'll stop here for today and will update more on tomoro's happening..Till then, have a great Friday..yeshhh it's TGIF tomoro...Take care and papaiiiiiiiiii........Good Night

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