Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Pheww!! Just got back from Swensen Changi Airport Terminal 1 awhile ago...Had our late dinner there with the bunch of ITSS colleagues...Actually we had tis ITSS gathering with the ex * current team members..It's been quite sometimes since we had tis gathering..So all of us were looking forward for it...Anyway we tonnes of fun & laughter there..Ya boi!! My jaws were about to drop out ( I bet you guys too felt the same as I am) laffing over the jOkes & past incidents tat we had back in ITSS...We had our super clowns there - Vijay, Thameem, Naveen & Jahan..While the elegant ladies there were Fanny, Susi, Rohani, Nazreen & myself..Hubbie and Naz's husband, Sahmil were the extras...hehehe... I had Black Pepper Seafood Pasta & Hot Fudge Bonanza Split while hubbie had his ice cream only as he had eaten his dinner @ home since his faveret sambal ikan bilis is the menu for today..hehe..

Too bad we had only few hrs to get together...Well nevermind, we shall organize another gathering where we can interact longer one fine day...I really had so much fun with you guys!!!

Back to my daily routine @ home....I did nuthing much @ home except for clearing all the dirty laundry and folding the pile of clothings in the next room..After finished all the unfinished business, i started chatting again in ewah2...MIL gave asam pedas daun kesum, sayur goreng & sambal ikan bilis with kacang tanah...Had tat for my lunch...

It started raining at around 7pm..Was hoping tat it will stop before we went out...Anyway it seems tat we have to force ourselves out from the house eventho' it's still raining cats & dogs...We were drenched by the time we reached airport...But we had our raincoats on...

Oh well...I tink I betta stop here..Really need my beauty sleep cos my body started aching oredy.. Enjoy the pics taken just now..and feel free to visit the fotopage to view more of the pics...Care to drop any comments in there....Take care guys and I will be back tomoro with shny's nikah update...hehehe... Adious!!!

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